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Finally, a premium natural,facial-quality
skincare system for intimate grooming.

Four steps to smoother results and less
Groom, Prevent, Soothe, Tame.


  • "I went on vacation and realized how much I missed my Project FIG products. The combination of products make my intimate areas feel smooth and un-irritated whether I shave or wax. The first thing I did when I came home was order a Weekender kit so I had my travel sizes for my next trip."

    Pam D.,Mill Valley, CA

  • "I was using Kiss my Face shaving lotion as my go-to product, but the Project FIG products feel lighter and more natural and they are more effective in achieving the results I want!"

    Olivia P.,Seattle, WA

  • "The Project Fig shave gel and exfoliant are both the best in their category out of any brand I have ever tried, and I have tried so many that I have lost count! I use the exfoliant on my face too- it leaves my skin feeling so smooth, no matter where I use it. No more bikini razor burn! My skin has never felt so smooth, these products are addictive."

    Randy R.,Richmond VA

Premium Shave Gel

Designed to soften hair and prepare the skin for an ultra-close shave without the usual irritation


Gently polishes your most sensitive skin to remove dead skin cells and avert ingrown hair and other irritations. Perfect for all over body exfoliation as well

Soothing Serum

Specifically formulated to provide relief after shaving and waxing while minimizing bumps, redness and itching during hair regrowth

Hair Inhibitor

The perfect answer for those who want longer wait times between shaving and waxing and an easier, less painful experience


  • Razor burn
  • Irritation
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Itchy regrowth
  • Harsh chemicals
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Buy with confidence. If you are unhappy, for any reason, Project FIG offers a 100% money back guarantee

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